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Welcome everyone to the Shear Elegance Blog.  It kind of sounds like the title to an old horror movie, doesn’t it?  Attack of the blog!!  It came from the blog!!  Return from the blog!!  Ok everyone, here we go.  To start off with I want to tell anyone reading this what our blog is all about.  It won’t be about hair stuff, not specifically anyway.  It will be more about life’s experiences in and about our hair salon.  To be honest I see a lot of stuff and now I have  a way to comment about all this stuff.  This is not a platform for me to gripe and complain about the world at large.  I try really hard not to do that.  My posts will be honest, my posts will be positive, and I will always tell the difference between fact and opinion.  Fair warning however, my sense of humor can be out there sometimes.  If you disagree with anything I write, that’s ok, because we are allowed to disagree.  If I offend you with anything I write, I encourage you to respectfully let me know.  I will revisit what I wrote, make adjustments, and offer you a sincere apology.  Just bear in mind that there is plenty enough room in this world for all of us.  Have a colorful day everyone, see you soon.


Joel Morse

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